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I generally consider myself to be a pretty routine-driven, systematic person.  Laundry on weekends.  Solid school morning routine that works great.  A cleaning schedule that is formalized enough to keep the house clean but flexible enough to adapt to our family’s changing daily schedule (and mess!).  All in all, I feel like I have things under control.

But what I can’t seem to stay on top of is grocery shopping.  I’m curious how other people handle it.  For awhile we were pretty good about going regularly.  But we are so busy with, well, life, that it seems like one of two things are happening.  Either A.) when I have time to go to the grocery store, it’s after a very busy time during which we haven’t eaten a lot at home and therefore don’t need much; or B.) when the stockpile is low, I’m so busy that I don’t have time to go to the grocery store.  So – you see – I’m either shopping when I don’t need to … or not shopping when it IS needed.  Surely there has to be a better way.

Please share your ideas!


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I found this recipe via Pinterest.  I’m not going to admit how many times we’ve made it since I found it just a week ago, but it’s more than two.  And for my husband, the chocolate lover, I also made a version with a chocolate crust (using a devil’s food cake mix instead of a yellow cake mix).  That’s delish as well.

Or so I hear.

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