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Diet Coke

There really is no way to describe my affection for diet Coke.  First thing in the morning, always.  My day doesn’t start until that first sip.  (OK, not really – because by the time I get downstairs I’ve already dressed myself, two girls, and done two heads of hair. Not including my own unless you count a headband as “doing” hair.)  And periodically throughout the day.  I probably shouldn’t admit how much I drink … I’d say the equivalent of 4-5 12 oz. cans a day is pretty average.  Note I said AVERAGE.  Some days are more.  Some days are less.  Err on the side of more.

I have a very particular way to drink diet Coke.  Fountain is my first choice, followed very closely by from a can but with a straw.  I don’t like drinking it from straight from the can or straight from the bottle.  If poured over ice, the ice must be fresh from the freezer.  Not reused ice that was in a previous diet Coke or water.

McDonald’s is my diet Coke vendor of choice.  Theirs is just superior, I’m not sure why.  Has to be a medium, not a large – the ice-to-diet-Coke ratio is just all wrong in a large, but it’s perfect in a medium.  Though this weekend I had a diet Coke that might take the new first place, and that was from a mini pitcher at Red, Hot, & Blue – a BBQ restaurant in north Dallas. OMG, yum.  Ice cold with the perfect amount of bubbles and fizz.

I’ve thought about quitting a few times.  I’ve done it twice just to prove that I can.  But truthfully, it’s a joy for me.  The way I see it is that there’s a lot worse things to be addicted to: coffee (more caffeine and more money), alcohol, drugs, shopping, and a whole lot more.  I know it’s not the best thing, but it’s also not the worse.  And so, for now, this mom runs on diet Coke.

If you have an affection for diet Coke, share it here!  Favorite places to get it?  Specific ways to drink it?


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The end of the school year always gets crazy.  OK, not just crazy.  INSANE.  It’s one special event after the other, and because I like to volunteer at my girls’ school, there is never a lack of things to do.  Science Fair.  Field Day.  Organize and shut down the library.  End of year meetings for Daisies.  Room mom duties.  Award ceremonies.  Then add all the extra-curricular stuff: the recital, the performances, the showcases, spring sports.  And all the details that you can’t overlook: sign up for fall soccer, order new uniforms, think about NEXT year’s extracurriculars, attend evaluations, get haircuts so everyone looks nice for these special events, meetings and preparations for summer camps and special projects, end-of-year gifts for teachers, Mother’s Day.

And this year in particular, we have an out-of-state birthday to attend AND an out-of-state wedding to attend in May on top of all that.  Add our annual vacation is in early June, and it’s a recipe for insanity.  In fact, the only reason I have time to write this now is because I’m waiting on an e-mail to come in that I need to print before leaving the house.  Were it not for that, I’d be out running errands … picking up snacks for 19 Pre-K kids, copying letters for teachers, and picking up a diet Coke at McDonald’s.

Oh, I haven’t told you about my love of diet Coke?  Yeah, that’s a whole other post entirely.  I’m going to be needing a LOT of diet Coke over the coming month.

The only way I get through it all is with two software programs: Mac’s iCal and Evernote.  Both sync automatically and instantaneously with my iPhone and I can see where I need to be and what I need to do at any given time.  Were it not for those two tools, I’d be in trouble.

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